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Home Security is all about peace of mind, and the smarter your home security is, the more PEACE OF MIND you will have.

Statistics show homes without security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into than homes with an Intruder Alarm / CCTV installation. Most people don't realize how vulnerable they are in their own homes until it's too late.

One of the key benefits of having a Home Security System in your property i.e Home Alarm and/or Home CCTV is the visual deterrent that they provide. If a burglar could choose between burgling a house with a Home Security Systems or one without, then in all likelihood they would choose the one without.


Prime Security brings you the most Reliable & advanced wireless security system available to date, Agility™4, a wireless multi-layered smart security system, modular and adaptable. With a sleek and new design, Agility™4 is equipped with state-of-the-art outdoors and indoors, wireless visual verification that delivers interactive, automated protection in every way. Identifying that every home is different and unique is at the core of Agility™4, enabling installers to offer their customers a solution that is ideal to each and every customer. Providing several layers of security allows installers to offer homeowners the perfect solution that matches their needs, their specific home structure, and infrastructure, as well as their financial capabilities.

Multi-Dimensional Security Agility™4 provides complete protection against intrusion and safety hazards, indoors and outdoors at every level, addressing every area of the home environments with its unique elements and attributes:

• INDOORS: Monitor and control incidents inside the house, whether a break-in or a safety hazard, Agility™4 protects what matters the most.

• PERIMETER: Acting to discourage and prevent an intruder from reaching inside, Agility™4 surrounds the house with a tight security layer that keeps the intruder outside.

• OUTDOORS: Agility™4 delivers ongoing deterrence, providing early warnings of possible events and threats approaching the household area.

Agility™4 is a flexible and adaptable system, and can always be enhanced and modified according to the homeowner's dynamic lifestyle and requirements, providing the professional installer numerous upsell opportunities for their customers' security systems:


• SECURE: Protect the house from burglary and theft with Agility™4 's State-of-the-Art indoor & outdoor wireless detectors, an array of IP cameras for live video verification, providing an unmatched level of security for the entire home environment.


• SAFE: Keep family members and home surroundings safe and reduce risks of fire, electrocution, and flood, by incorporating Agility™4 's innovative safety detectors against hazards such as Flood, Heat & Smoke.


• SMART: A truly enhanced security system provides complete peace of mind, efficiency, and convenience, all in one comprehensives solution. By integrating the smart home and security & safety devices into automated scenarios, and leveraging RISCO's cloud platform services and mobile application, Agility™4, enhances home security into the ultimate smart, interactive solution.

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Mitchell was brilliant, had a look round the property when he got here to see where would be best to put the cameras. Had no problem with all of my requests for awkward placement etc and managed to make it all look very tidy. Very professional and very helpful, would definitely recommend this company and Mitchell to anyone.


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