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Audio and Video Door Bell

Audio and Video Door System - Prime Security Installations Ltd​

Video doorbells and audio doorbells are both devices designed to enhance home security and convenience, but they differ in the features they offer:

Audio Doorbell:

  1. Functionality: An audio doorbell typically allows communication between the person at the door and the occupant inside the house using only audio.

  2. Components: It usually consists of a speaker and a microphone to facilitate two-way communication.

  3. Use: Audio doorbells are simpler and may be suitable for situations where visual confirmation is not a primary concern

Video Doorbell:

  1. Functionality: Video doorbells, on the other hand, include a camera in addition to the audio features, allowing users to see a live video feed of the person at the door.

  2. Components: They usually have a camera, a microphone, and a speaker to enable both audio and visual communication.

  3. Use: Video doorbells provide added security by allowing homeowners to visually verify the identity of visitors. They often have motion sensors and can record video footage, enhancing surveillance capabilities

With our Video Doorbell, you can enjoy an array of benefits that make it an essential addition to your home:

1. Enhanced Security: Keep a vigilant eye on your home at all times, deter potential intruders, and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

2. Real-Time Video: Receive instant notifications on your smartphone when someone is at your door. View a live video feed and interact with visitors, even when you're not at home.

3. Motion Detection: The built-in motion sensor triggers alerts when unusual activity is detected, giving you peace of mind whether you're away or at home.

4. Two-Way Audio: Speak with visitors, delivery personnel, or even potential intruders directly from your smartphone, adding an extra layer of security.

5. Night Vision: Our Video Doorbell provides clear video even in low-light conditions, ensuring you won't miss a thing, day or night.


6. Answering the door: When someone presses our smart door bell, you can see who they are from your smartphone app. You can speak to the visitor and they can talk to you, and then you can decide whether you should climb off the sofa to greet them in person. If you’re away on holiday, you can also manage visitors remotely with a smart doorbell so you never miss an important caller

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Video Door BellFAQs

Can I install a doorbell without existing wiring?

Yes, there are wireless doorbell options available that do not require traditional wiring. These doorbells use batteries or are powered by other means.

What is the difference between a wired and wireless doorbell?

Wired doorbells are connected to the electrical system of the house, while wireless doorbells operate using batteries or other power sources. Wired doorbells are typically more reliable but may require professional installation.

Do video doorbells record all the time?

Most video doorbells have motion sensors that trigger recording when motion is detected. Some models also allow for continuous recording, but this may depend on the device's storage capacity and settings.

How secure are video doorbells?

Video doorbells with strong encryption and secure login credentials are generally considered secure. Regularly updating the device's firmware and using strong passwords enhance security.


Can I integrate my doorbell with a smart home system?

Many modern doorbells are compatible with smart home systems, allowing integration with devices such as smartphones, tablets, or virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

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Our Testimonials

Mitchell was brilliant, had a look round the property when he got here to see where would be best to put the cameras. Had no problem with all of my requests for awkward placement etc and managed to make it all look very tidy. Very professional and very helpful, would definitely recommend this company and Mitchell to anyone.


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