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Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm System - Prime Security Installations Ltd​

 INTRUDER ALARM - Burglar Alarm Installer Near You

Burglars tend to target vulnerabilities, making a quality alarm system a crucial deterrent. Our burglar alarm system features a prominently placed, robust siren on your property's front, a powerful deterrent against intrusions. if you are looking for a burglar alarm near you for your home or business, contact us today for a FREE no obligation quote


Which Burglar Alarm shall we have?

If you're considering safeguarding your home for the first time or upgrading your existing alarm system, the multitude of available burglar alarm devices and monitoring services might feel overwhelming.

1. Audible AlarmOnly - The entry-level choice, often the most economical for typical home security systems, is also the least secure.

2. Auto Dialler Alarm: Enable your alarm to notify you upon activation with a pre-recorded message. 

3. ARC Monitored Alarm: Alarms linked to a 24/7 monitoring center guarantee that your alarm never goes unnoticed

4. Self Monitored Alarm: Control your burglar alarm on your smartphone and receive instant notifications.

Intruder Alarm FAQs

How do burglar alarm systems work?

Burglar alarm systems detect unauthorized entry using sensors like motion detectors, door and window contacts, and sound an alert or notify the homeowner or monitoring center

What types of sensors are typically used in these burglar alarm systems?

Common sensors include motion detectors, door and window contacts, glass break sensors, and sometimes environmental sensors for smoke or carbon monoxide

How do I choose the right alarm system for my home?

Consider the size of your home, level of security needed, ease of use, and whether you want a professionally monitored system or a DIY one

Are burglar alarm systems prone to false alarms?

They can be triggered by user error, pets, or other non-threatening factors. Modern systems have features to minimize false alarms


Do these burglar alarm systems work during power outages or internet disruptions?

Many burglar alarm systems come with battery backups, and some operate using mobile networks, ensuring functionality during power outages or internet issues.


Are these burglar alarm systems pet-friendly?

Many burglar alarm systems can be adjusted to account for pets to avoid false alarms caused by their movement


Can I integrate a burglar alarm system with other smart home devices?


Yes, many systems offer integration with smart devices, allowing control and monitoring through smartphones or other smart home hubs.

Where can I find a reliable house alarm near me?


If you're searching for a trustworthy house alarm near your location, consider exploring local security providers, electronic retailers, or contacting our customer service for personalized recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences.

Do you offer monthly payment for your burglar alarm system?

Yes we do offer monthly payment. You can split the payment over 10 months interest free. Check out our finance page for more information 


Our Testimonials

Mitchell was brilliant, had a look round the property when he got here to see where would be best to put the cameras. Had no problem with all of my requests for awkward placement etc and managed to make it all look very tidy. Very professional and very helpful, would definitely recommend this company and Mitchell to anyone.


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